Coligny Plaza is a Hilton Head Island favorite, prompting hundreds of thousands of locals and travelers alike to flock to the plaza for great shopping and dining experiences every year. For many, this plaza is an island tradition—one that evokes good vibes and feelings of nostalgia.

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Since 1955, the Coligny Plaza has been THE place to go for fun and entertainment. Although, it has certainly evolved over the years, with a near endless line of over 60 shops, restaurants, cafes, and things to do. Guests and locals can mingle and indulge, while stresses are eased away with leisure strolls up and down the plaza sidewalks.

Coligny Plaza was the first of its kind in 1955 Hilton Head. It was the site of the first-ever hair salon, clothing shop, south side post office, and short-order restaurant. From there, it grew, with shop owners and hopefuls taking their chances in a plaza idea that had proven a huge success.


Boutique Shopping is the Hype for Coligny Plaza Shoppers

Boutique shopping—in case you didn’t know—is all the hype for Coligny Plaza shoppers. Boutiques are special because they offer unique things that you might not see anywhere else. For instance, Island Girl, a special shopping experience for girls and women of all ages, has become a must-see, permanent fixture of the shopping plaza.

Becoming an island tradition in its own right, Island Girl is all about those feelings of happiness and relaxation that accompany a trip to the seashore. Their items vary, from hobo bags and beautiful Waxing Poetic accessories, to bohemian accents, girlie dresses, and flowy blouses. There are even a few décor selections for home and gifts, such as custom drinkware, inspirational wall artworks, trinket box sets, and Inis colognes, lotions, diffusers, and roll-ons.


What Makes Island Girl a Tradition?

Island Girl was made a tradition the moment guests and locals discovered their mottos of fun and freedom. This boutique shop boasts heaps of awesome accessories and apparel for girls and women of all ages, from babies, to tweens, to grandmas—everything a lady could want for her Hilton Head Island exploration is here. Hence, the need to make this awesome shop an annual must-stop.


Customers Love Island Girl

Thanks to the wonders of social media platforms and review sites, shoppers and guests to Island Girl are capable of leaving their positive experiences and expertise for the world to see.

★★★★★ Wally Wilbur of Ohio wrote, “Every year we have to go to this shop. And each time we go, we have to spend at least 45 minutes looking around. There are hundreds of different styles, and always a bunch of neat stuff to see.”

★★★★★ Mackenzie H. commented, “Island Girl is a must-visit boutique if you go to Hilton Head Island. They always have THE most adorable clothes and accessories. This is BY FAR my favorite store in Coligny Plaza.”

★★★★★ Cindy from Middletown, Ohio, declared, “Outstanding service and southern hospitality! The staff was so welcoming and friendly. I love visiting this little shop every year. I always find the most unique clothing and accessories for my trip, and then some.”


How Island Girl Supports Eco-Friendliness and Sharing Among Communities

If you track back the lineage of Island Girl, and their sister stores, you’ll see that the Klippel family prides themselves on bringing eco-friendliness and feelings of close-knit communities to Hilton Head Island. Through recycling and choosing the best reusable options to bag up your items, the Island Girl staff strive to make a difference. Even the smallest bit of eco-consciousness is enough to save the planet—if only a little at a time.

Island Girl clothes and accessories are designed with eco-friendliness in mind. Brands like Waxing Poetic, Tolani, and Lenny and Eva, custom make material-smart apparel and accents, each with profits going towards making the world a better place.




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Pelican’s Pouch: The Place to Get More Great Gifts, Home Décor, and Good Feelings

The Klippel Family is an ambitious one, with high hopes of bringing the best of clothes, accessories, gifts, home décor, food, and knick-knacks to Hilton Head Island. Alongside Island Girl, these go-getters own the Watusi Café and Pelican’s Pouch—both of which can be found in the Coligny Plaza as well.

Pelican’s Pouch, around since 2001, exude island hospitalities and beachy atmosphere with a varied selection of rustic, breezy furnishings, accents, décor accessories, and unique gifts and treasures. Another eco-conscious example of good vibes and seaside themes, this shop is decked out with recycled and refurbished décor. The cashier counter, for example, is custom-made from 300-year old reclaimed wood from an old-fashioned, centuries-old door in historic Hilton Head.



Reaching Island Girl

For more information on Island Girl Boutique, call 843.686. 6000. Or, visit us directly at the Coligny Plaza, 1 North Forest Beach Drive, Unit K-1. Want more info about our sister store Pelican’s Pouch? Call 843.363.5775. Or, plan a visit to Coligny Plaza, 1 North Forest Beach Drive, Unit A2.