Top 3 Trending Products for Spring

Spring is here, and that means the warmer days and brighter nights. To truly embrace your "inner island girl" this season, it's time to shop for cute fashion trends and stylish classic pieces to make your Spring wardrobe blossom. Shop our selection cropped pants, tunics, jackets, shoes, accessories, and even transition pieces like sleeveless tops. 

We're happy to introduce two new clothing lines for spring, Habitat Clothing and Lulu B. We're also excited about one of our year-round popular brands, Hobo Bags. You may notice how these two brands covers the whole season of spring from early to late spring. Island Girl is known for offering pieces that not only prioritize style but comfort and functionality. 

Habitat Clothing

Habitat Clothing is one of the new lines of ladies clothing our loyal shoppers can look forward to for their next shopping experience at Island Girl. This brand has tops, bottoms, and lightweight sweaters. You will love the cozy-casual and relaxed sophistication appeal of Habitat.



Colors of Spring are pinks and blues, but if you love to stick with the flattering colors of ash, black, and royal blue, Habitat has you covered. Their collections have muted and soft colors, ideal for women of all sizes and creating a flattering silhouette.  

Find the perfect spring outfit for casual business meeting or catching up with friends and family over lunch.

What we like about Habitat is how wearable and stylish each of the pieces are. Designed not just for trends, but to express a wearer's individual taste for comfort and sophisticated. Habitat is a collection of fashion pieces that reflects about your lifestyle.

Lulu B

LuLu B's collections are famous for their fun and color yet their clothes remain comfortable and functional. At Island Girl, we carry Lulu B tops, shorts, and dresses.


A little about the different phases of spring... LuLu B is suited for late spring in anticipation for summer. You will notice pieces on our racks of Lulu B sleeveless tops, mini dresses, and other clothing with lighter fabrics. Fabrics are light yet they don't cling to your skin. They can also be worn for summer with its cooling fabric with UPF 50+ protection, perfect for the weather in Hilton Head Island.

Check out this sleeveless top. It's comfortable for errands or sightseeing, yet still figure flattering. Prints are trendy for this summer and this top has a nice print that is not bold or overpowering. Its neckline gives a touch of flair to this outfit.


If you are looking for Spring dresses, you will like the versatility of this Lulu B piece worn from day to night. While Lulu B is known for casual clothing that is more on the fun side, we offer pieces from the brand for those who want to remain chic and sophisticated. This top paired is with Lulu B bottoms to remind you of luxurious coastal living.


Both new clothing lines Habitat and Lulu B are perfect for both locals and visitors on a Spring getaway in Hilton Head. With their relaxed yet elegant designs, our clothing pieces at Island Girl are the best outfits when exploring our historic coasts or when taking part in our annual golf tournaments.


Hobo Bags

Aside from shoes, bags complete any outfit. Hobo Bags is a year-round collection here in Island Girl and we're excited to share the new products from Hobo for Spring. Hobo is known for high-quality handpicked leather, so if you want a bag, wallet, or clutch that is made to last, this is a good brand to have.

We carry wallets, clutches, and bags from Hobo starting at $60 for wallets and clutches while price starts at $160 for handbags.

Hobo bags are more on the classic side in terms of design and color, making it easy to blend and pair with your shoes or outfits. Spring fashion trends for this year are predicted to be dominated by ruffles and prints. Hobo will not make your overall outfit look tacky, just effortlessly chic.



Getting to Island Girl

Whether you want to reinvent your wardrobe for Spring, or looking for new pieces to add to your spring looks, visit our boutique at Coligny Plaza. Our friendly staff is always happy to assist with your shopping needs. For more information, call 843-686-6000, or visit our Coligny Plaza location, 1 North Forest Beach Dr., Unit K-1.