Permanent Jewelry on HHI

What is Permanent Jewelry?

        First is the experience of getting Permanent Jewelry is not just a purchase; it's a memorable outing, especially when shared with friends and family.

        Second is choosing your chain and ensure it fits just right. Comfort is paramount, so allowing a bit of wiggle room is recommended. Ultimately, the fit is entirely up to you – whether you prefer a snug or loose fit. Since you'll be wearing this bracelet for a long time, getting the fit perfect is crucial – not too tight to impede movement, yet secure enough not to slip off.

        Third is optional, you can select charms to add a personal touch. This is your chance to infuse your piece with fun choices like letters, hearts, or even butterflies.

        Finally we put it all together. We'll place your chosen charm (if you decide to get one) and carefully wrap the chain around your arm, ensuring a comfortable fit with a leather patch between your skin and the bracelet. Then, we'll attach something called a "jump ring." This component is crucial as it's the part of the bracelet that gets welded together, ensuring its permanence. Once in place, the jump ring is securely welded closed.